CLAIM: Supports Free Needles in our Parks in Anaheim.

FACTS: False. Really? A former federal prosecutor who was charged with putting drug dealers in jail and worked closely with the FBI? A mother of 3 little girls?  This is about the Sidhu camp trying to score cheap political points.

Ashleigh has CONSISTENTLY and PUBLICLY supported the council’s 7-0 decision to join the county lawsuit and oppose the needle exchange program in Anaheim.  The proposal was not approved by the city, and did not take into account the following factors:  location away from parks and schools, accountability in ratios of needles given vs. disposed of, and staffed by qualified public health professionals that can connect people with services.

The goal is to get needles and drug users out of our parks, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.  The Sidhu solution:  political grandstanding with no proffered plan to combat this serious public health crisis. Source of the truth of  Ashleigh’s position: Numerous candidate forums recorded and in some cases on video tape

CLAIM: Ashleigh Aitken is out of touch with Anaheim.

FACT: False. Ashleigh is the only leading candidate for Mayor that went to local Anaheim schools, is involved in the community as a Girl Scout Troop leader and PTA mom, and served as a two-term member and former chair of the Anaheim Community Services Board. She has served her community as a federal prosecutor, and volunteers her time with local arts programs, Caterina’s Club and Chef Bruno, and she serves on the OC Fair Board advocating for veterans programming and agricultural education. She lives in Anaheim Hills, about 1 mile from Mr. Sidhu ( his being the largest private estate in Anaheim). She works with her family, a fact she considers an honor and a privilege. She is the daughter of community leaders who are proud graduates of Santa Ana College and Cal State Fullerton, and her father built his business from scratch. Her mom is a devoted housewife and raised her children to consider service a part of life, not just something to do during an election year. Ashleigh is proud of the impact her parents have had in Anaheim.  

CLAIM: Ashleigh Aitken’s Law firm sued the Anaheim schools for 10 Million Dollars!

FACTS: In reality, the case was about safety and the protection of our school children, which received national attention as a major contributor to School Bus Safety. A school bus ran off the road while taking children home from El Rancho Middle School. A school that, ironically, Ashleigh attended as a child. Aitken Aitken Cohn discovered that:

CLAIM: Ashleigh wrote a letter in support of a judge who cut 15 years off a prison sentence for a man convicted of molesting a 3yr old.

FACT: FALSE!  As a federal prosecutor, Ashleigh Aitken fought for our neighborhoods by putting child predators, bank robbers and drug dealers behind bars.  She is a Girl Scout troop leader and a mother of three daughters.  The safety of all our children is her top priority. 

Why not produce the letter?  The Sidhu camp can’t,, because it doesn’t exist.  As President of the Orange County Bar Association, the board passed a resolution against threatening judges with physical violence, and supporting judicial independence.  The organization specifically refused to condone the conduct or support the ruling.  The sentencing was appealed and a unanimous appellate court restored the 15 years. The Ad is a flat out lie. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Ashleigh’s 11-year old daughter saw this false ad on the internet. 

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CLAIM: Ashleigh opposed the clearing of the riverbed when the Homeless camped in the riverbed.

FACTS: False. Ashleigh interned for federal judge David Carter, and appeared before him regularly as a federal prosecutor.  She supported his plan to move the homeless into temporary housing, while permanent supportive housing is being built.  She volunteered her time to help homeless veterans, and spent time on the Riverbed with non-profits and faith groups to find solutions.  And she was appointed by the OC United Way to the End Homelessness Leadership Council.

Ashleigh knew from her years of service that the homeless had been neglected by politicians.  She knew the idea to clear the riverbed--without any real plan--would result in the current situation:  homeless in Anaheim parks, homeless in front of Anaheim businesses and homeless sleeping on our sidewalks.

Harry Sidhu just wants to show unkindness and just drive them out into the night. “Get them out of my city,” he says.  That is not a plan or a solution. 

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·         The driver never should have been cleared to drive;   

·         He was taking medication while driving;

·         He passed out causing the Bus to leave the roadway and over turn.

Five children were seriously injured and the firm represented two of the children, one who suffered permanent brain damage. The settlement included all five children and involved two other law firms. Holding the District accountable and compensating these poor children will help them cover their medical expenses and future care and heightened safety checks in the busing of children. 

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